Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Obsession, For Cooper

Is that fur in the corner? Looks like fur. What is it? Cotton candy is pink, right? It's not a bear.... A very small bear? No. In the name of all that is holy, WHAT IS THAT THING? Sure not a duck. Ducks have feathers. It's being pretty quiet for a duck. No it's not a duck. What am I thinking? I feel compelled to get closer. Yet I sit here, like a photo, unable to move a muscle.


catlover said...

Cooper, you are so thoughtful, one of the most thoughtful cats I know. I wish my arms were long enough to hug and hold and kiss you. I love a wise cat! Wisdom is always beautiful and that is you. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you may have just consumed some catnip. Are you feeling unusually thirsty? Does the world seem to be moving more slowly? No worries. Catnip is supposed to be good for you.