Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask A Felion: Sequels (First Question From Fans!)

Krylie S. writes: "I liked the first Police Academy MUCH more than later ones. Who was your favorite character? And where do you stand on sequels? BTW, you're really cute."

Cooper responds: Okay, my take on sequels:
Terminator: YES.
Superman: NO.
Spiderman: YES.
Planet of the Apes: Absolutely - how can you go wrong?
The Godfather: sure, why not?
Star Trek: YES.
Star Wars: two sequels and that's my limit.
007: YES.
The Bourne Series: YES, YES, YES! OH GOD YES! DO ME JASON BOURNE! Just kidding, I'm not gay but if I was...
The Matrix: YES.
Chronicles of Narnia: YES.
Annie Hall: wasn't funny enough.
Clerks: YES, only if Kevin Smith directs.
Fletch: YES, only if Kevin Smith directs.
Airplane!: NO.
Indiana Jones: OH YEAH.
Aquaman: YES! YES! YES!

My favorite character from Police Academy: You can't beat a guy who makes funny sounds with his mouth.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who Walks Anymore?

In LA, no one walks anywhere. You know what I mean. I watch the street. I see things.

People strut. Dogs always in a hurry. Birds fly just out of reach.

I get to wondering... Do people walk their dogs or do dogs walk their people?

Monday, July 03, 2006


I thought about it all yeseterday, between naps. I'm a capital-N Ninja, or a capital C... Catninja. Ha that's awesome. Cat-Nin-Ja! Hey I just made up a word. Oh my god, I am SO awesome AND cool. Moxie never made up a word. Have you? Then I'm the first! Ohhhh Yeah! If she wasn't right here, I'd run tell her.