Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who Walks Anymore?

In LA, no one walks anywhere. You know what I mean. I watch the street. I see things.

People strut. Dogs always in a hurry. Birds fly just out of reach.

I get to wondering... Do people walk their dogs or do dogs walk their people?


rachel said...

Hey Cooper you are a clever cat!
Dogs do end up walking their owners and rearranging their lives to boot.
Why else would I find myself on the pavement at 2:AM, disheveled and bleary-eyed, holding a poop bag as accessory, following an insistent scratch on the front door that woke me up, made me dress in a hurry and fly out the door, all in the hope of saving my dog another embarassment and myself from having to clean the carpet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel you are my favorite comment ever. I try not to wake my human when those times seem pressing. But if it's daytime, I cry out a little from the bathroom just to let them know I'm not happy with things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering so quick little Cooper. I'm also curious about your human. What does he do that's psycho?

Anonymous said...

Hummm. Never thought of it that way. It does seem like dogs are the ones in charge. My pet peeve is that my dog is always sniffing every bush, tree and flower that we pass. If she didn't have to wear a leash then it wouldn't be so bad. I love her though so it's worth it.