Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask A Felion: Sequels (First Question From Fans!)

Krylie S. writes: "I liked the first Police Academy MUCH more than later ones. Who was your favorite character? And where do you stand on sequels? BTW, you're really cute."

Cooper responds: Okay, my take on sequels:
Terminator: YES.
Superman: NO.
Spiderman: YES.
Planet of the Apes: Absolutely - how can you go wrong?
The Godfather: sure, why not?
Star Trek: YES.
Star Wars: two sequels and that's my limit.
007: YES.
The Bourne Series: YES, YES, YES! OH GOD YES! DO ME JASON BOURNE! Just kidding, I'm not gay but if I was...
The Matrix: YES.
Chronicles of Narnia: YES.
Annie Hall: wasn't funny enough.
Clerks: YES, only if Kevin Smith directs.
Fletch: YES, only if Kevin Smith directs.
Airplane!: NO.
Indiana Jones: OH YEAH.
Aquaman: YES! YES! YES!

My favorite character from Police Academy: You can't beat a guy who makes funny sounds with his mouth.


Anonymous said...

Cooper, thinking of Narnia sequels, I want you to know some sad news. I was watching my person read the newspaper the other day and on the side facing toward me, what did I see but that beautiful Edmund (you know, the beautiful one, the Pevensie family jewel, he is), his face...omg his beautiful face...but listen Cooper! He is TRAPPED! In BEIRUT! That's why his picture was there!

So, um, you're a blogger...DO SOMETHING ALREADY! If we ever want a Narnia sequel, we've GOT TO GET HIM OUT OF THERE!...if only there were some way to convince Hollywood Jews to wield their superpowers and stop the bombing.

Anonymous said...

Mura, thank you for telling me. It's Wed morning, so I'll write about it in my blog.