Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CAt iN The baG

No one prances across a stage like Stephen Colbert. A champion's paws raised high. Ready to defeat any adversary.

This morning's WØRD: Cat in the bag?

No seriously, what's in Buzz Aldrin's bag?


Mommy Puppy Noses said...

Thank God we have Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to put it all hilariously in perspective.

Anonymous said...

You're the envy of us all, Coop. Weren't you a surgeon general in a previous incarnation?

Unknown said...

Oh Coop, you look so soft and lovely, I wish I could just shrink myself and get in the bag with you!

Anonymous said...

Cooper - I think if you could prance around on Jon Stewart, you'd get more tail than "Hollywood."