Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Aslan Malfunction

I got a few letters about a little slip up I made in one of my earliest blog entries. It was corrected and will not recur. I and my attorney would like to express my deepest apology to all the fundamentalist lions who wrote to express concerns. Although you are only .02% of my fans, you represent a full 99.8% of the hate mail the FCC received about my little website in the year or two since we went live. You are a very important part of how I carved out this small position in the world. Obviously, I meant no disrespect when I said "I am more popular than Aslan." Admittedly, that was my sister's typo, as I do not type. What I remember saying was "I am more popular than GW." Obviously, that makes no sense, as GW isn't very popular right now. I and my attorney didn't mean to offend readers who may be sensitive to anti-Aslan rhetoric. I've been told on good authority that the indecent comment has been pulled from the earlier blog, and won't be reposted. Hopefully this clarifies everything. We here at Dig Litter would appreciate if the National Right To Lions Institute and the Parents Television Council could please discontinue their email petition campaign to close my website. I'm just a lion. A small and very handsome lion. Sincerely, Cooper [and Jackie Chiles, Legal Council]

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